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For those with a little more patience, it is possible to create a simple music streaming solution using the free SHOUTcast platform. This isn't the easiest way of going about getting your radio station online, but if you follow the instructions in the helpful SHOUTcast forum, it is relatively painless to get up and running.

Peercast is a peer-to-peer broadcasting solution that will facilitate the online sharing of your radio broadcast without draining your bandwidth. PeerCast offers considerable savings for broadcasters because they do not have to provide bandwidth for all of their listeners. A single 56K modem can be used to broadcast a radio station to the entire network.

Mercora is an interesting take on online radio broadcasting, given that DJs, and all users, can tune in to the music from one another's hard drives by means of peer-to-peer technology. At any given time, five files from users' mp3 collection are made available for all to listen to, and would-be DJs can create playlists for other users to listen to.

While this is not a great solution for those with a compelling desire to talk and announce the next record, if you are simply looking to share your music over the Internet with other listeners, Mercora is an interesting solution.

If you're looking to skip the music and launch yourself as a talk radio host, Talkshoe is a viable platform for doing so online. Talkshoe lets you create your own talk show, using your telephone or VoIP client, and invite listeners to join you. With the ability to control and moderate when your listeners speak on the show, and a live text chat accompanying the discussion, you have everything you need to delivery talk radio shows from the comfort of your front room. is another peer-to-peer broadcasting solution that uses the same fundamental approach to distributing your streaming content as Peercast. As such you can broadcast from a reasonably poor Internet connection and still reach a large audience.



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* Creative Commons website features an extensive cross-media search that can be whittled down to a particular medium. This is a great way of finding audio content for your broadcasts

* Internet Archive has a huge collection of public domain and Creative Commons licensed audio, including the excellent Net Labels, which features hordes of albums from virtual record labels

* Legal Torrents has a great selection of music that you can download legally and use in your broadcasts

* Musopen provides public domain classical recordings provided by volunteers

* CCMixter is a creative commons remix community, and has hundreds of remixable music works for you to make use of

* The Freesound project is an excellent source of Creative Commons licensed sound effects, should you wish to use some in your broadcast

* Common Content is a great source of Creative Commons licensed media, including an extensive audio section