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Historic Meat Recipes


Beef Cameline (Cameline Meat Brewet)
Beef Roll in Mustard Sauce
Meat Pot (Mortarolo)
Pie of Baked Meat (Pyes be A-nother Manere)
Pies of Paris (Pyes de Pares)
Pork in a Bitter-Sweet Sauce (Rosto In Cistame)
Roast Stuffed Suckling Pig (Pourcelet Farci)
Stewed Beef (Stwed Beeff)
Stewed Veal, Kid, or Chicken in Sauce (Vele, Kede, or Henne in Bokenade)
Venison Pie (Venyson Y-Bake)


Steamed Lamb (Aliter Baedinam Sive Agninam Excaldatam)
Roman Burgers (Isicia Omentata)
Veal in Sauce (Vitellina Fricta)